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November 20, 2019                 4  Webinar Options

Grant Writing with a Grant Reviewer  9am—10 am

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Budgets are More than Dollars in Program / Project Design. 11am—Noon

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Baseline Data. Is it hiding in plain sight?  1pm—2 pm

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Evaluations Rule in all Programs and Projects  3pm-4pm

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Grant Writing Through The Lens of A Grant Reviewer

This Webinar will guide participants in the key points that can make or break a successful grant application.  Participants can learn what a grant reviewer looks for in the scoring or scaling the program or project presented in the application.

Budgets are More than Dollars in Program / Project Design

Participants will hear a grants manager’s tips on developing a project or program budget. After creating the budget, learn how to craft the budget narrative that anticipates those costs. Webinar will also address the differences between In-Kind Dollars, Match Dollars, and Hard Dollars.

Baseline Data. Is it hiding in plain sight?

Baseline data is a starting point that is congruent with an identified problem area. It is the point from which measurable change can be tracked.  Participants will learn how to search out data that tells a story about the focus population.

Evaluations Rule in all Programs and Projects

An award-winning grant writer shares her tips on writing a successful evaluation plan. Evaluation plans start with baseline data moving into SMART objectives. Professional development and sustainability- how does that work?

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