“If you want to increase your grant writing prowess and improve your award percentage contracting with CBE Educational Services is completely the way to go! Casey is a seasoned professional with years of grant writing, grant administration and grant judging experiences. Her day long seminars will not only provide participants a view of their funding opportunities through multiple lens, but will provide them with a distinct advantage over the other competitors. The simple and straightforward way she can break down an application not only make it easier to write your grant but get you what you really want - results! After working with Casey we were not only able to obtain the highest grant score among funded applications we secured approximately 2.5 million dollars in federal funding that will help support our efforts for the next five years! I'm no business genius but turning a few hours of your time and a reasonable fee into well over two million dollars seems like a pretty easy decision. I would encourage you to be in touch with Casey today about how she can help you get the results you want."  [Grant Awarded Feb. 2019]      Bill B. White River Valley Supervisory Union

"The training and perspective I learned at the New Lens grant writing workshop greatly improved my skills at putting together winning proposals.  I was on a team that rewrote, submitted and won a $720,000 grant for a 4 year program serving farmers with disabilities.  I also submitted a proposal for a development grant in farm safety, which was also awarded.  One of my supervisors said that the development grant proposal was "flawless".  I credit you with teaching me that.  Start  with the budget and evaluation criteria, use their own language in the responses, go over and over the RFP and don't miss a detail.”            University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont“ 

“Casey has a way about her that engages anyone and everyone! She truly respects what a person brings to a dialogue and is able to bring it out of them in a meaningful and safe way.”    Principal of Five Dimensions,  Senior Associate of Global Learning Partners

Casey Boyle-Eldridge did a wonderful job running two grant workshops for us. She is organized, clear on expectations, and her skills as a facilitator are second to none.”   Former Superintendent, Caledonia North Supervisory Union

Note: Following these workshops CBE was hired and  wrote the 2.5 million dollar 5-year award winning Safe School Healthy Students grant for CNSU for 2007-2012

“It was easy to ask questions and there were great answers. Casey encouraged everyone’s participation. I liked how she presented oral evaluations at the end. I definitely feel her suggestions will be implemented.”   San Antonio, Texas

"I highly recommend Casey's webinars, having attended the e-membership one recently. This isn't one of those boring webinars where you sit and stare at the screen while someone drones on and on, reading straight from the presentation. (We've all been through those.) Instead, this webinar is chock-full of useful information. Casey presents everything in a clear, logical manner, giving plenty of examples and opportunities for interaction. At the end of the webinar, she sent us links to worksheets that will be very helpful as our coalition begins discussions about moving toward e-membership options. The information was timely and well-thought, with plenty of research and examples to support what was shared. Casey's a great instructor and facilitator!"    Communications Coordinator, Houston, Texas

“All workshops are made or broken by the presenter. Casey was wonderful.”    Austin, Texas

“It is useful to see how the reviewer is approaching my proposal and what I can put in to catch their attention and keep it by following the guidelines I learned here. The presentation was very informative and interesting. Casey paid attention to her audience. Nice job!”,   White River Junction,Vermont