Overview of Sample Offerings

Grant Writing Through the Eyes of a Reviewer

A detailed day of exploration in all aspects of a grant application / proposal.   This workshop will help you to learn how to analyze your grant application from the lens of the grant reviewer.  You will be given tips on how grant reviewers score federal, and state grants. You will also consider who reviews foundation grants. Participants will learn how grants are scored; what is a peer review process; how are peer reviewers chosen; consider the differences in federal, state and foundation application processes; and the general requirements for grant applications. You will look at what role developing  your evaluation plan and writing the budget narrative plays in the process.  You will also consider the role of SMART objectives.

As a webinar this offering is a broad view of the same process.

Training for Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers as Mentors - Helping Youth Transition Through the Teen Years.

This is a six-session program designed to guide caregivers through a time of personal reflection about caring relationships that makes a difference in their lives. Grounded in their personal experiences, caregivers will access new knowledge in six areas. They will expand their skills with their personal perceptions and then apply these techniques.   The sequencing and reinforcement of activities are designed to produce a stronger and close relationship between the adult and the teen. We will work toward building a customized mentoring plan specific to your child’s needs.

The Seven Steps of Project Design

This webinar provides a very broad overview for project design and grant writers. It will address the “getting started checklist” for organizing tasks, timelines, and assignments, to considering each of the seven components of the Who, Why, When, Where, What, What For, and How while answering the final statement "So That"

Create Interactive Meetings or Workshops Using the 4 As.

Tired of meetings or workshops that are not interactive?
How to design a successful meeting or workshop that fully engages the participant. This webinar will highlight how you can keep your attendees attention through their participation in what you need to share with them.

E Membership - Strengthen Your Committee Attendance and/ or Coalition Membership

Committees and Coalitions can expand membership and participation of their work by incorporating into their By-Laws policies and procedures for E-Membership.  This webinar will provide participants with a brief overview on the power and value of E-Membership. The primary focus will provide a guideline for the design and development of increasing community representation and participation on regular basis.  How using Google.docs makes it all work smoothly.

What is the Budget? Learn How to Provide the Details.

Participants will learn about the budgeting process and the major role it plays in management. How do determine how much something will cost 12 months in advance. The results of writing your budget narrative guarantees a cross check with writing the proposal.

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