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Coaching and Consulting in Leadership Styles

CBE can help you increase and improve communication skills by learning more about Dialogue Education, Servant Leadership, and Appreciative Inquiry. These three leadership styles are instrumental in keeping folks engaged and providing relevance to your topic of need. It is through these tools we are able to help you gain the skills that will provide your organization with the opportunity to share what they know. It then moves us to a point where we can inquire and address that which they need to know. We also provide retreat and strategic planning facilitation.  For more information contact our office.

Coaching and Consulting in Coalition Building

CBE has over 20 years of community coalition building experience.  As a coalition coordinator (SIG), statewide project director (Texas SPF-SIG) to facilitation of trainings in the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s programs (SAMHSA),  we have tools to enhance your skills in all areas of coalition building or coalition revitalization.  We can help you through introductions to concepts such as creating E Coalitions which expands your sectors and memberships.  We offer trainings in all steps of SAMHSA’s strategic prevention framework. These steps are assessment, capacity, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation. Each steps is threaded to address cultural awareness and sustainability. We can provide tools for building recruitment plans, and financial sustainability.  For more information contact our office. Email us

Coaching and Consulting in Substance Abuse/ Misuse Prevention and Promotion

CBE has provided workshops, trainings, and webinars in Substance Abuse/ Misuse Prevention, Behavioral Health and Wellness, Adolescent Development, and Risk and Protective Factors. On location workshop, conference presentations, and consulting in Texas, Maine, NH, Delaware, New York, Arkansas, North Dakota, Connecticut  as well as webinars across the nation.  We can customize and provide support to you and your organization across the broad spectrum of drug misuse/ abuse education.  For more information contact our office.

Coaching and Consulting in Grant Applications

CBE has an extensive history in offering coaching, consulting and training in grant-writing. We can provide workshops on location with your specific grant. We offer webinars in techniques of grant writing that include how to write a grant through criteria of an application. CBE can guide you on how to find the key points to the RFP (request for proposal) of your specific grant. We will come to your location and provide training in SMART objectives, evaluation, budgeting, and provide a pre-review of grant applications.  For more information contact our office.

Customized Presentation Design

For more information contact our office.  Subject line: Your Area of Interest